Carolyn Wheat

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"You don't want to miss one of the best writers in the biz who works a plot like no other."

"Enough devious plotting for a dozen mysteries--and a hundred nightmares about adoptive parenthood."

"Sharply drawn characters and incisively written scenes are the rule. Much humor is scattered among these stories and similes and wisecracks are both plentiful and well done."

Selected Works

Mystery writing demystified.
mystery fiction
Cass's innocent client turns out to be guilty of something even worse--and he's coming after her next.
The ghost of Cass's Sixties radical past returns as a fugitive resurfaces.
Cass faces the most explosive case of her career when her Mob-lawyer lover is charged with a federal crime.
Criminal lawyer Cass Jameson hunts her lover's killer through the dark streets of Brooklyn.
Cass Jameson's messy child custody case turns murder investigation when her client is reveled as a blackmailer.
Cass Jameson's adoption case turns deadly when her client is found dead in a landfill.