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How to Write Killer Fiction

The nuts and bolts of writing mysteries that puzzle and engage the reader and suspense novels that have a reader on the edge of her seat.

Sworn to Defend

"Of all the legal eagles nesting in the thriller trees these days, Carolyn Wheat is definitely the one with the brightest feathers....If you like your legal thrillers fresh, feisty and grounded in reality, harvest this latest Wheat."

"Carolyn Wheat is one of the most elegant writers in the mystery book business and her current Cass Jameson mystery proves my case."

"The plot is so tight you could pick it up and bounce it."

Troubled Waters

"Required reading for anybody who remembers the '60's--or anybody who's forgotten them."

"A great legal thriller that provides a reader with a solid look at the idealistic sixties, especially the motives of the radical participants and the uglier aspects of the eighties sanctuary movement."

Mean Streak

"Carolyn Wheat has managed to do what few contemporary writers manage: to produce a well-written and exciting courtroom drama."

"Carolyn Wheat...not only knows the law, she understands trial lawyers and what makes them tick."

"Ms. Wheat's characterizations are lethal, and she doesn't let up until every subject of her exhaustive examination is dead or emotionally maimed, and until she has made her strong, unsentimental point about why people do the evil they do--not for gain, but for attention."

Dead Man's Thoughts

Night court. It's not for the faint of heart. Cass Jameson is a tough defense lawyer, but the murder of her lover, fellow Legal Aid lawyer Nathan Wasserstein, shocks her. Refusing to believe what the police think about the motive, she digs deeper... But hunting for the truth is a dangerous business: sometimes you find out more than you wanted to know.

Where Nobody Dies

Family court will break your heart. You think criminal cases are tough: you try being the lawyer for one of the mothers facing Solomon's justice. When Cass Jameson takes on a custody case that turns into a murder case, she has to uncover the truth for the sake of a lost teenage girl whose father is accused of killing her mother.

Fresh Kills

Adoption can be murder, especially when the birth mother tries to sell the same baby several times over to couples desperate for a child. When the birth mother who is Cass's client turns up dead and the baby has gone missing, Cass plunges into the murky world of off-the-books adoptions.